In 1953 Raymond Lowry bought Salem Builder’s Supply, a small hardware store in Salem, Ohio and renamed it Lowry Supply Company. Before 1960 he shifted the business model to service manufacturing, with an emphasis on steel mills. In it’s first decade Lowry Supply grew exponentially servicing customers in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

In 1972 Lowry Supply acquired Tri-Co Tool Sales, a firm specializing in precision cutting tools in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. This acquisition gave Lowry Supply a bigger presence in the Akron/Canton and Cleveland markets. As Lowry Supply expanded across the region it also moved its headquarters to a bigger location in Salem to house more inventory.

Throughout the rest of the 70s and 80s Lowry Supply grew and adapted as markets changed and its customers needs changed. In 1992 Lowry Supply acquired Adventure Tool Supply in Meadville, Pennsylvania to further extend its reach in the region.

With three locations covering hundreds of miles of territory and a staff of inside and outside salespeople who have decades of experience Lowry Supply was able to solidify itself as a leader in the industrial supply segment.

In 2018 Lowry Supply expanded again, acquiring Adam’s Chemical in Salem. Adam’s Chemical was a facility supply company that had been in business over thirty years. Adam’s Chemical specialized in paper products, cleaning products, and chemicals of every variety. With this acquisition Lowry Supply could now provide products for any facility top to bottom.

Now in 2022 Lowry Supply brings its latest expansion to the market, our webstore. This webstore will allow customers to place orders, check inventory, and view their account information in real time, any time, from anywhere on any device.

Lowry Supply has always been a family owned and operated business, and it will continue to be. We offer three locations with twenty-five employees, who are all experts in the industry. We have a fleet of delivery vehicles to service each locations customer base and we are excited to extend our reach through this webstore.

Mostly importantly our biggest asset is you the customer. We pride ourselves on having strong relationships with customers and appreciate the trust and loyalty you have in us.

Thank you for your loyalty to Lowry Supply!