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3/15/2023 7:44 AM
Tungaloy America, Inc.
This weeks vendor spotlight is on Tungaloy America, Inc. Tungaloy specializes in cutting tools from all types. From Turning, Grooving, Milling, Holemaking, Tooling and other Industrial Products. We carry a large selecting of Tungaloy cutting tools...
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3/8/2023 9:17 AM
Vendor Spotlight: Widia Cutting Tools
Widia Cutting Tools
Lowry Supply has been partnered with Widia's supply chain to distribute their cutting tools for decades. Over the course of our partnership we have developed a large in-house...
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12/22/2022 10:02 AM

At Lowry Supply we don't believe in contracts.
Our products and service speak for themselves. We've specialized in distribution for almost 70 years with a team of experts that make our business the best. From wide...
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