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How Flu Season Affects Business

How the Flu can affect business

It's no surprise that the flu and other illnesses can have a negative impact on businesses. With employees, customers and family members getting sick, this can result in a loss of productivity and overall wellbeing. Let's take a look at some statics of influenza~

In a report from Walgreens in 2011,the flu contributed to 100 million lost workdays during that years flu season. Over $7 billion dollars in lost wages with two-thirds of time off being employee paid time off. During the 2011 flu season, over $10 billion dollars were eliminated off of company productivity.

Alongside the time off for employees whether they are ill or have family they are caring for during their illness, the flu season can have impact on productivity and overall wellbeing when at work. Many employees will come to work unknowingly contagious with the early symptoms of the flu and may spread it to peers. So what can we do to help prevent the flu from spreading in the workplace?

How to prevent the flu in the workplace

Thankfully there are all kinds of methods to aid in preventing illness. The first step is to notice the signs of the flu and stopping it from spreading. The flu is the most contagious during the fever symptom. Above we have supplied a chart to help understand the flu and its symptoms as opposed to a cold. The flu can often be misunderstood as just a cold. A great way to stop influenza in its tracks is to get your flu shot from an abundance of clinics, pharmacies, etc. 

There are many minor actions that make a great difference on stopping the flu. First is to make sure your employees are properly washing their hands and applying hand sanitizer thoroughly to keep clean hands. The flu can be spread from germs lingering on handles, doors, appliances and much more. Properly sanitize all locations that will be touched and interacted by people. Keeping the flu out is essential during the colder seasons.

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